Imaginative Paintings of Roz Nixon

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I am in absolute awe at your talent. You aren't supposed to be envious of people but I am of you. I wish I could paint something besides my walls, lol.
Dixie Wilson - 12 Nov 2010
I love the painting and get so many compliments on it. It displays beautifully in many places. Warm and comforting over my fireplace and now cheerful and greeting in the entryway. Thanks again as you inspire me daily...
Sheryl Kock - 5 Oct 2010
Love your paintings, I to am an Artist, watercolors. My husband's grandmother was a Roslind Nixon from England, small world.
Pamela Nixon - 8 Aug 2010
All I can say is wow. You din't say anything about your paintings. Why not? They are beautiful. My daughter, Elizabeth used to paint. I should send her your webpage.
Billie Baldwin - 20 Apr 2010
Yor are so talented, the art's are so nice how long have you been doing this
Judy Chism Varner - 19 Apr 2010
Aunt Roz- Loving the new paintings on here. We love Ours and it gets tons of recognition. We send everyone to your site when they ask who did it. Can't wait to see whats next. Keep up the fantastic work! God Bless!
Marty Nixon - 27 Feb 2010
Roz, I am so impressed. I love your work!
Dot Black - 26 Jan 2010
Paintings are absolutly beautiful just like I remember my big sis
RICHARD WINKLE - 14 Jan 2010
Roz, I love your paintings, they are so beautiful and you are so talented. What a blessing in that God has touched you with this gift! 1/14/2010
Linda Winkle - 14 Jan 2010
Rosalind I am impressed. Too bad you did not start earlier. I would like to see the originals.
Doug Cupples - 1 Nov 2009
Roz, First of all I didn't know you painted either but I'm so happy to know you're using this incredible talent to bring joy to yourself and others. I now know what Lonnie can get me for Christmas :) God Bless
Donna Derden - 17 Oct 2009
Wow! I never knew you painted. These are wonderful!
Carol Tidwell Simpson - 19 Nov 2008
Wow!! Roz, I never knew you painted!! These are amazing. Please get in touch with me so we can catch up!
Jennifer Dildine Keiser - 9 Nov 2008
simply fantastic ans Wonderful
Sandra - 19 Jul 2008
Your pictures have inspired me to pick up a brush again. I couldnever hope to be as talented but will enjoy the comfort it brings me. Your new abstracts are wonderful and the one in my home gets lots of comments.
Sheryl - 24 Jun 2008
I love your paintings. The expressions on the faces and your choice of colors are just great.
Michelle - 5 Jun 2008
I love your work! I've been looking forward to your website for months! I can't decide which painting I like best they are all so wonderful.
Jolie - 2 Jan 2008
Very nice, I have seen many Picasso's and can see the inspiration. Very nice!
Richard Elmore - 2 Jan 2008
I love your work! Your paintings have transformed my home in to a work of Art!
Andi Corcoran - 31 Dec 2007
Sherry sent me to your site. I am an artist too. Love your site. Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer Stiles - 31 Dec 2007
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